Kathy BlackwellViola Time Runners vol.2 (+CD)

Blackwell, Kathy

Viola Time Runners vol.2 (+CD)

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Section 1 - New notes for second finger
Start the show
Banyan tree (duet)
Heat haze
Medieval tale
In memory
Chase in the dark
Merrily danced the Quaker's wife
O leave your sheep (duet)
Jingle bells
Allegretto in C (Mozart)
Pick a bale of cotton
Noel (Daquin) (duet)
Finale from the 'Water Music' (Händel)
Ecossaise in G (Beethoven)
Viola Time rag
Playing on the ol' banjo
On the go!
Blue whale
Takin' it easy
Mean street chase
Ten thousand miles away (duet)
I got those viola blues
Air in C (Bach, J. S.)
Prelude from 'Te deum' (Charpentier)
That's how it goes!
Section 2 - New notes for third finger
Flamenco dance
Somebody's knocking at your door
The old chariot
Adam in the garden
Air (Händel) (duet)
The wee cooper o'Fife
Carribean sunshine
Ensemble parts - these are compatible with and are numbered as the pieces in
Fiddle Time Runners
Banyan tree (duet)
Medieval tale
Cornish May song
O leave your sheep (duet)
Allegretto in G (Mozart)
Noel (Daquin) (duet)
Finale from the 'Wate Music' (Händel)
Yodelling song
Gypsy dance
Air in G (Bach, J. C.)
Prelude from 'Te Deum' (Charpentier)
Air (Händel) (duet)

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